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Page last updated: Mon, 05 Mar 2012 10:14:13 GMT

Welcome to the Local Tobacco Control Profiles for England

These profiles provide a snapshot of the extent of tobacco use, tobacco related harm, and measures being taken to reduce this harm at a local level. These profiles have been designed to help local government and health services to assess the effect of tobacco use on their local populations. They will inform commissioning and planning decisions to tackle tobacco use and improve the health of local communities.

The tobacco control profiles are part of a series of products produced by the Public Health Observatories in England that provide local data alongside national comparisons to support local health improvement.

New for 2012 update

This final release takes account of user feedback received from the recent test version. In particular, the indicators relating to quitting smoking have been revised to reflect quitting as a proportion of the smoking population, rather than the total population. Also new in the final version is data on:

  • the cost per capita of smoking attributable hospital admissions in 2009/10,
  • smoking prevalence overall (until March 2011) and smoking prevalence in the routine and manual group (until December 2011),
  • successful quitters at 4 weeks and successful quitters (CO validated) at 4 weeks in 2010/11; and
  • completeness of socioeconomic (NS-SEC) recording by Stop Smoking Services in 2010/11.

Further details are available in the indicator definitions and frequently asked questions.

Please note: there have been some boundary changes during 2010. Please check indicator definitions for guidance.

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Local Tobacco Control Profiles

Feedback - Please let us know if you have any comments on the tobacco profiles. We are also interested in how you are using the profiles to inform your work. We can be reached at:

Local tobacco control profiles - Further resources